Department of Information and Communication Technology
PARP 140: Introduction to Technology in Education
- Course Syllabus -
Dr. Anthony Betrus: Instructor
Spring 2006

Credit: Three semester hours

Time: 5:00 - 8:15 Thursdays [Jan 26], [Feb 2, 16], [March 2, 9, 23, 30], [April 6, 20, 27] [May 4, 11]

Location: Flag 162

Purpose: This course provides an introduction to various computer applications in education, including word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation, and multimedia software.

Textbook: Although there is no textbook requirement, there are technology requirements (see digital storage below).


Attendance: Daily attendance is required of all students, as the content of daily class discussions can not be obtained in any other way than attending class. Class participation constitutes a significant portion of the overall course grade, and class attendance is a prerequisite for class participation. Starting with the second class missed, each class missed will result in a .3 drop in maximum overall grade (eg. 2 misses = max 3.7, 3 misses = max 3.3, etc...)

Digital Storage: It is strongly recommended that each student purchase a USB Pendrive, with at least 256mb capacity.

Computer Use: As a class we will be using the Windows computers in Flagg 162.

Assignments: To be determined in class.

Plagiarism: This course adheres to the College's policy on academic honesty as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Plagiarism may lead to grade reduction, course failure, or expulsion from school.


(90-100%) 4.0
(87-89%) 3.7
(83-86%) 3.3
(80-82%) 3.0
(77-79%) 2.7
(73-76%) 2.3
(70-73%) 2.0
<230 points 0.0

Course Schedule: TBA
Date: Topic:
Jan 26 Course Introduction. E-mail (Group Story Telling, forwarding story to others in class to write the next part until finished).
Feb 2 The Internet and Web Browsers, Mozilla Firefox, finding and downloading pictures from the internet. Changing the desktop image. Basic File Management including: Folder Creation, Subfolders, Use of Removable Storage.
Feb 16 Basic Microsoft Word. Basic Computer Components. Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Move, MSPaint. 20 Questions Online
March 2 Microsoft Word Continued. Gathering images from the Internet and including them in a 1-page flier in Word.
March 9 Basic PowerPoint. 5 slide show created with 1 picture per slide.
March 23 Basic PowerPoint: Adding sounds to PowerPoint from Clip Organizer, CD, and the Internet
March 30 PowerPoint slidewhow, start to finish.
April 6 Desktop Publshing Project #2
April 20 Desktop Publishing Critiques
April 27 Basic Computer Graphics with Gimp
May 4 E-Mail Attachments. Business Letters.
May 11  

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