Department of Information and Communication Technology
PARP 140: Introduction to Technology in Education
- Course Syllabus -
Dr. Anthony Betrus: Instructor
Spring 2006

Credit: Three semester hours

Time: 4:00 - 9:15 Friday, 9:00-5:00 Saturday [Mar 24, 25], [Apr 21, 22] [May 5, 6]

Location: Flag 162, Satterlee 300

Purpose: This course provides an introduction to various computer applications in education, including word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation, and multimedia software.

Textbook: Although there is no textbook requirement, there are technology requirements (see digital storage below).


Attendance: Daily attendance is required of all students, as the content of daily class discussions can not be obtained in any other way than attending class. Class participation constitutes a significant portion of the overall course grade, and class attendance is a prerequisite for class participation. Starting with the second class missed, each class missed will result in a .3 drop in maximum overall grade (eg. 2 misses = max 3.7, 3 misses = max 3.3, etc...)

Digital Storage: It is strongly recommended that each student purchase a USB Pendrive, with at least 256mb capacity.

Computer Use: As a class we will be using the Windows computers in Flagg 162.

Assignments: To be determined in class.

Plagiarism: This course adheres to the College's policy on academic honesty as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Plagiarism may lead to grade reduction, course failure, or expulsion from school.


(90-100%) 4.0
(87-89%) 3.7
(83-86%) 3.3
(80-82%) 3.0
(77-79%) 2.7
(73-76%) 2.3
(70-73%) 2.0
<230 points 0.0

Course Schedule:
Date: Topic:
March 24 In Flag162: Computer Hardware and Software Scavenger Hunt. Introduction to the Internet. Making a poster in Microsoft Word. Copying images from the internet and pasting into Word. Saving images from the Internet to the Desktop and inserting them into Word. Saving Files to Pen-Drives.
March 25 2nd Microsoft Word Poster in Flag 162. Opening word files on a mac. Reformatting in Mac Word. After Lunch: Intro to PowerPoint. ClassRoom Jeopardy (including web-searching techniques to find answers). PowerPoint slidewhow, start to finish.
April 21 Writing a Business Letter in Word. File Management. Desktop Publushing in Microsoft Word. Internet Safety. Online Games
April 22 Simulations and Games. Diversity. Ghetto Board Game. Completion of 2nd Desktop Publishing Projects (CRAP principle included) Artificial Intelligence: Twenty Questions (
May 5 'Soft' Technologies, Learning Psychology. E-mail and E-mail attachments. PowerPoint: Sound, Video, Animations, Transitions
May 6 PowerPoint Continued. Basic Computer Graphics with MSPaint/Gimp

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