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Spring 2000

reneemoser.jpg Hi. My name is Renee Moser I am currently enrolled in my final semester at SUNY Potsdam. I major in Psychology, History, and Secondary Education. I am 28 and live with my husband of one year and our dog in our home just outside of Croghan (a little known suburb of New York City) where I live with my husband of one year and our "child" (a labrador retriever) Gennie. Our family will soon be expanding as we are expecting in July. Fortunately there is plenty of room in those graduation gowns.
amylubanski.jpg My name is Amy Lubanski. I am a major. I am also on the Potsdam Women's Rugy team. My nicknmae for the team is Beastie. I have been playing for four years and have been the captain for the team for a year. I am now currently the treasurer for the team and therefor am a part of SGA.
amandaciampolillo.jpg My name is Amanda Ciampolillo, i'm a junior, secondary ed and history student.  I also play rugby for Potsdam; my rugby name is Bullhorn, and for good reason. I'm usually one of those sit-in-the-back-of-the-class type students, but, hey, let's not stereotype.  I just feel more comfortable when i know i can watch everyone, and no one has any clue what i'm doing.  Well, except for the professor.  After this coming fall, i'm hoping to student teach abroad in the spring, in England, and then....well, maybe grad school, maybe a job.  I'm kinda pullin for grad school.....
melissajohnson.jpg Melissa Johnson - I am sec ed and communications major with no idea what i want to do in my life.  I am also a DJ at the campus radio station and believe that takes more of my time than anything.  When I am not in class or at the station I hang out with my friends and play video games, watch movies, or just be bored most of the time.  I like to surf the web and like most people of my age my computer is my life and I use it all the time for any number of reasons.  I like to ride my bike, listen to classic rock, and watch movies on DVD of course.
mattallen.jpg My name is Matt Allen.  I'm a senior Secondary Ed/History Major.  I transferred to Potsdam after two years at a college in Buffalo.  I'm originally from Saratoga.  This is my last semester of classes and then in the fall I student teach.  That's all I have to share about myself.
shannanwright.jpg My name is Shannon Wright.  I was born and I still live in Saranac Lake New York; a small town in the Adirondack Mountains.  I have two sisters and a brother.  I love to play tennis, read, and listen to the Dave Matthews Band. I'm currently a sophomore here at Potsdam.  I'm studying to become a high school english teacher.
shawnspriggs.jpg Hi my name is Shawn Spriggs and I am a 21 year old Junior here at good ole Potsdam State. I'm a History and Secondary Ed major, I'm from a great little hick town half-an-hour southwest of here called Heuvelton. During my free time I enjoy camping, fishing and coaching.  This past summer I coached a coed team of 14 Year olds at Madrid-Waddington.  My career goal is to be a high school history teacher, but If I'm don't find a job (knock on wood) I would like to drive in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.
jonathanveley.jpg Hi! My name is Jon Veley, I'm a senior education/history major here at SUNY Potsdam. I transfered to Potsdam from JCC where I received a liberal arts degree in May 1998. I grew up in Ellisburg NY, which is a small rural town on the along the shore of Lake Ontario, about 25 miles south of Watertown.
michellemacduffie.jpg My name is Michelle MacDuffie. I am from Sandy Creek, New York. For those of you who do not know where that is, it is about 20 minutes south of Watertown. I am a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and Secondary Education. I plan to get my coaching certification also. I work in the Levitt Center in Merritt Hall, and I am also a Mentor for the First Year Experience Program. I hope to play softball this semester for the college. My zodiac sign is Aquarius. My favorite recording artist is Sarah McLachlan, and my favorite movie is The Man In The Moon. 
judyslote.jpg Name: Judy Slote

Major: Chemistry and Secondary Ed

I am 21 years old and grew up in the suburbs of New York City.  I am an active sister in Arethusa sorority and have just recently joined the newly formed softball team.

pamelabice.jpg My name is Pam Bice and I'm a junior here at SUNY Potsdam.  I'm from Ogdensburg, NY.  I'm majoring in Spanish and Secondary Education.  I'm also minoring in Psychology and Women's Studies.
alexfinley.jpg My name is Alex Finley. I am an art education major. I am taking the course to gain knowledge of computers with hope that it will be of use to me in the classroom.  It also fills my WI requirements. I am from Harrisville N,Y and live in Waddington.  I am looking forward to this semester with hopes of graduating as soon as student teaching is out of the way.
corrinadavid.jpg Hi, my name is Corrina David. I am a senior majoring in Elementary education and psychology. I am the vice-president for Potsdams Association for Native Americans (PANA). I am live on the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation, Hogansburg, NY. I will be doing my student teaching in the Fall 2000 in Australia. I am a single mom, my son is 8 years old and will be coming with me to Australia.
troyhopson.jpg Hello everyone, my name is Troy Hopson. I'm 21 years old and a junior in Potsdam's Social Studies Ed. program. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and other numerous outdoor activities. Though I consider myself to be somewhat challenged when confronted with computer-based tasks, I am looking forward to learning as much as possible about the usages of technology in the classroom. 
lucydavie.jpg Lucy Davie.  Originally from Austin TX.  Served in USAF after high school.  Stationed at Edwards AFB in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  Got married.  Enrolled into Cal-State Bakersfield.  Two kids.  Post-poned college until recently.  Plan to graduate from Potsdam as a Spanish/French Teacher.  Enjoy photography, art, and dance.
virginiafrench.jpg My name is Virginia French. I am currently a junior at SUNY Potsdam. My major is English Literature. I am from Lisbon, NY, a small town about a half hour away.
annemoore.jpg My name is Anne Moore.  I am a secondary mathematics major.  I hope to later on teach special education classes.  I love all sports, my favorites are soccer and volleyball.  My home town is Old Forge, New York.
jacquelinefoster.jpg Hello My name is Jacqueline Foster.   I am currently a Senior (finally) here  but i will be  attending Potsdam for a little bit longer than I expected.   I have a wonderful puppy named Daisy. That's all I care to share.
suzannedobson.jpg Hi, my name is Suzanne Dobson.  I am a native of the Thousand Islands, and have currently returned here with my husband and three children from Florida.  My major is Secondary Math Education.  I am a junior transferring from the University of North Florida.  This is my first semester at Potsdam, as well as my first time back to school after a delay in my studies.
jasonroberts.jpg Hi, my name is Jason Roberts and I am a senior at Potsdam. I am a Sociology and Elementary Ed. major. I am originally from the north country and hate these winters. My interests are soccer and weightlifting at Potsdam. I played here for four years where Dr.Betrus was my assistant coach for two.

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