EDUC 410: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am at a computer in a residence hall, and it doesn't have a zip drive, and my home directory space is full, and I want to save a file?

You can save it in the Schoolhouse Storage in Satterlee.  You'll have to connect to Satterlee via the "Chooser", which can be located from the Apple Menu (upper left corner on a MAC).  From the Apple menu, select chooser, then select Appleshare in the upper left portion of the box that appears.  Click down to the lower left box and then select Satterlee Hall (you'll have to scroll down to see it).  Then click on Schoolhouse in the right most box (you'll have to scroll in that box as well).  Select OK, and you'll be given a login screen.  Select Guest and then OK.  You'll then be given a choice of SPS lab of Schoolhouse, select Schoolhouse.

You'll now have a remote hard drive on your desktop entitled Schoolhouse.  In the schoolhouse is a folder called ED 410 MW - Betrus, and you can save your file there (by either saving directly, or dragging from the hard drive after saving to the hard drive).

When are the newsgroup postings due?  They are due the next class session after they appear on the syllabus.

What do we name our paper for the internet assignment to put it into class submissions? With this, and all other assigments, the name of the electronic document should begin with your first and last name, followed by a space, then a -, then a space, followed by the name of the assignment (see below for examples):
1) John Smith - Site Review
2) Jane Doe - DTP
3) Pete Williams - Spreadsheet
4) Mick Foley - Powerpoint
5) Steve Austin - Hyperstudio

Are there any exceptions to this naming convention?  Yes, in the case of the software reviews, the name of the files should be the full name of the software title (all lower case letters), followed by .html.  EXAMPLE: arthursteachertrouble.html or operationdesertstorm.html

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