ED 410 Lesson Plan Guidelines

The following are recommended components to a lesson plan.  It is possible that you have a different format that you have learned in another class.  If this is the case, bring to me a sample of the lesson and I will look it over.  It is likely that you will be able to retain the format that you have learned elsewhere.

Title - This is the title of the lesson

Subject Area - This would be the subject area that the lesson pertains to (list multiple areas if appropriate)

Grade/Age Level - Refers to the grade level and age level that the lesson is intended for.

Overview - This is a two to four sentence summary of the entire lesson.  The purpose of the overview is to be able to browse through multiple lessons without having to read the whole lesson to gain an idea of what will be happening.  This component is not a 'typical' component, but is especially useful if lessons are to be shared with other teachers, especially in an online environment.

Goals - Goals are broad and general (eg. all students gain an appreciation for other cultures)

Objectives - Objectives are specific, and contain performance, conditions, and critieria (sometimes referred to as tasks, conditions, and standards). (eg. Given a worksheet and 10 minutes of instruction, the student will answer 9 out of 10 questions correctly.)

Materials - Materials are bullet listed with an A, B, C, D, etc. . . designation.  These include both electronic and physical materials.

Anticipatory Set/ Motivational Set - Sometimes referred to as separate items, for the purposes of this lesson, they can be the same.  The purposes of separating this component from the next component (the procedures) is that it deserves special treatment.  This is a short (usually 3-5 minutes) introduction to the lesson, which peaks the students interest.  The time allocated to this should be bracketed [3 minutes], and any materials should be cross-referenced here in this format (Material A).

Procedures - This is the bulk of the lesson plan it should be in step-by-step format, with time for each step bracketed [3 minutes] and materials cross-referenced (Material B)

Evaluation - The evaluation should evaluate what was stated in the objectives, and can be in many different forms, both formal and informal.  Any materials should be cross referenced (Material C), and time allocated should be bracketed [10 minutes]

This page created 12/7/99 by Anthony Betrus.  Last updated 12/7/99.