IT 621 - Fall 2010

Final Project Requirements

Things to check before handing the project in:

  • Are all of your buttons able to be clicked anywhere on that button (be careful with input text).
  • Does your exit button exit the program?  It should have a trap door (eg. do you really want to quit)?
  • Is your text readable?  Does it contrast well with the background it is on. Test your project on multiple computers on multiple platforms to ensure your font is not an issue. Make sure I don't have to click "choose a substitute font"
  • Does everything work?  Copy your entire project onto a computer, remove your flash drive. Log out from your helios account. Have someone else log-on if it is a campus computer, and THEN check to see that everything works. What's the best way to test it? Embed it in a web page in your helios web space and load the web page from multiple places.
  • Did you save all of your movies as .flvs? Are your sound and video files internal or external. If they are external, include them in your project forlder when submitted. If not they may not work on a other platforms. The easiest way to ensure your movies work is to stream them (eg from YouTube).
  • Working and small is better than not-working and big. If you have to reduce your scope, DO IT.
  • What are the resolutions of your images? They SHOULD be no more than your stage size (usually no more than 1024x768).
  • Test early and often OUTSIDE OF FLASH (in the player). Command-Enter is your friend.
  • Get other people to test your project. Usability test your project. Document your usability.
  • Save your project in multiple versions in multiple locations. Do not copy over your old versions.
  • And remember, Multimedia is never finished, it's just abandoned.
  • Other Requirements:

  • Production Report - Explain what steps you took in creating the project, how much time it took, what struggles/success you had, what you might do differently if repeating the process.
  • Usability Report - Report on what your [3-5+] usability subject(s) found, and what you did about it.  This should be formatted with the finding first, then your action based on the finding.
  • Teacher/Instructor Guidelines (required only for instructional projects) - IF this project is to be used in an instructional setting, then you should include a document that outlines any guidelines or advice you would have for an instructor/teacher using your project.

    Submitting the project:

    All final projects must be handed in by 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 14th.

    Include in one folder (no sub-folders) all of the following:

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