ITED 621: Multimedia Authoring and Scripting

Project #1


Topic of Your Choice

1) TIMELINE: Linear. Stand-alone or accompanied presentation style. Think in terms of Story. Actors. Main Characters. Plot. Events.

-Duration: at least one minute if stand-alone), two minutes if accompanied (15 points)

2) LIBRARY(15 points)

- At least 3 IMPORTED "graphic symbols"

- at least 1 "text object"

3) at least 1 Audio Component (Sound) (15 points)

- Music

- Narration via captured sound with Audacity (Free) or Soundbooth (Adobe) or other program.

- Sound effects

4) Video Clip (Optional)

5) Start/Stop Buttons (previous/next) (Optional)

6) 1 Scene (multiple scenes optional)