ITED 621: Multimedia Authoring and Scripting

Project #2 - Interactive Flash Project


1) Non-linear, Interactive Flash Project. Approved Storyboard required.

2) At least 10 Scenes. No more than 15 scenes.

3) At least one graphic on each scene.

4) Buttons on each scene. NO NEXT PREVIOUS BUTTONS. Buttons need to be named the exact name of the title of the scene it links to.

5) Home Button on every scene (optional).

6) Quit Button on main menu (1st scene usually, except in the case of an intro screen. If an intro is used, put the quit button on the main menu and add a button that "replays the intro.")

fscommand ("quit");

7) The use of many sounds, animations and movies, specifically:
at least one movie,
at least 2 sounds,
at least 2 animations
at least 3 imported graphics

Link to Project 2 Test file