ITED 621: Multimedia Authoring and Scripting

Project #3 - Simple ActionScripted Game


1) A small-scale Game (Puzzle, Shell Game, Maze, Quiz, etc...).

2) Use of ActionScript to control game (3.0 strongly suggested).

3) Game should be limited to 3-5 scenes. THIS will be SMALLER IN SCALE than project 2. The interaction will be more sophisticated due to the use of ActionScript.

4) The primary focus of this project is on ActionScript and scripted interaction.

5) Concepts mustbe approved by the Instructor by Sunday, October 22 at 3:00 p.m. (submit concepts in writing for approval).

6) Use of online Flash Tutorials and resources is encouraged (see the main course web page for some options). You must, however, CITE THE SOURCE of your tutorial or other resources you used (within your project, on a citation page). Part of your evaluation will be your ability to EXPLAIN precisely what you did. DO NOT SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE YOUR SCRIPT WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. THIS WILL RESULT YOU YOUR FAILING THIS PROJECT. That said, do not be afraid to use these tutorials to help you understand the scripting.

7) Along with the scripting, for all graphics, sounds, videos, and animations that you use, you must be CITE THEIR SOURCE. If you take your own pictures and/or capture your own video or sounds, you should note that you have done this on your citation page.

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