Advice from the Fall 2013 Class
4.5/7 --> Get involved early and often.  Be sure to plan ahead. (Edmund)
4.3/7 --> Research something that is both helpful to someone and fascinates you (Lindsay)
4.3/7 --> Be patient. It won't be complete overnight but that is the beauty of it--you see your work progress through the semester (Natalie)
4.0/7 --> Be proud of your finished product, you worked your butt off and exhausted yourself to get results.  Enjoy them! (Autumn)
4.0/7 --> Allow yourself time to develop your ideas, it will help tremendously to have confidence in what you are researching. (Matt)
3.9/7 --> Organization and communication will be your best allies during your group and individual allies.  Be proactive. (Matt)
3.5/7 --> If you want your proposal selected, get a client onboard. (Greg)
3.0/7 --> If you've never done a survey, the book helps! (Cathy)
2.9/7 --> Have drafts for everything. (Nate)
2.9/7 --> Use your time wisely. (Amanda)
2.8/7 --> Communications and social interactions are extremely valuable when it comes to doing research surveys, esepcially if they are in person.  Be willing to put yourself out there. (Joe)
2.3/7 --> A good literature review helps to write good research questions (Alaa)