ITED 651 - Instructional Technology Scenarios


The following are scenarios that the class will address in groups during the first day.  The purpose of these scenarios is to gain an understanding of two situations in which instruction is required, and specifically how instructional design is required. Students missing the first day of class will be required to write two essays describing how they would address each scenario.

Scenario #1

You are the coaching staff of the Denver Broncos.  You have lost your starting quarterback from the previous years championship season to retirement.  You have three rookie quarterbacks trying out for the position.  All are extremely talented, yet none of the had so much as a playbook in college, and ran their own plays in an ad hoc fashion.  Your task is to both prepare and evaluate the quarterbacks so that you have the best quarterback starting opening day with an adequate knowledge of the Broncos offensive system.  You have training camp and pre-season to prepare them.  What do you do to prepare a starting quarterback for opening day?

Scenario #2

You have inhereted a New York City taxi cab company from your grandfather.  Unfortunately, your grandfather, who was working for the mob, angered them before he died.  The backlash of his actions are that you inhereted the company, but every employee, from the office staff to the drivers has left.  To make matters worse, none of them can be enticed back because the each have been threatened by the mob that if they return to work for your inhereted company, they wil be in immediate physical danger.  Thus you have a company which has a large amount of capital, yet very little in the way of equity.  You need to start making money soon or the company will have to be sold.  This prospect might otherwise be OK, but the company offices are rented, and the cars are the only real capital.  This company was medium sized (150 cars), and did fairly well before your grandfather's untimely death.  You can manage to scrape together a small office staff to get started, but you haven't any drivers.  What are you going to do?