IT 655: Video Production

Video Project #2: Video – Any Topic

The following 5 core video elements are worth 20 points each.

Storyboard & Script
Computer Generated Shots (2, created outside of the video editor)
Music (level faded in and out)
Title Screen & Closing Credits
Subtitles (at least 2)

Max: 100 points

Note: No length requirement (recommended under 5 minutes)
No topic restrictions (although topics must be pre-approved)
No Transition effects or special effects required (use only if you feel they add value)
No minimum number of edits (but please try to have clips last no longer than 15 seconds)

Based on the overall quality of the video, adjustments to the points will be made on these three critieria:

Visual Shot Quality (-10 to +10)
Audio Quality (-10 to +10)
Editing Quality (-10 to +10)
Shot Sequencing (-10 to +10)