Instructional Technology and Media Management
GRED 656 - Multimedia
- Course Syllabus -
Anthony Betrus: Instructor
Spring 1999

Credit: Three semester hours

Time: Tuesdays, 5:30-8:45 Through April 27

Location: Satterlee 300

Purpose: This course involves students in practical experience creating multimedia presentations.  Course topics are chosen to provide students with a base knowledge that is then applied in a more in depth Quicktime VR project.

Readings: 1) Robinette, Mac Multimedia for Teachers, IDG Books, 1995.
2) Lopuck L. Designing Multimedia: A visual guide to multimedia and Online Graphic Design.  Peachpit Press, 1996. (recommended)


Presentations: Students wil choose one CD listed in Part V of the text to present in class (1/6)

Clarisworks, Kirpix, and Hyperstudio  Students will create in class a small multimedia project in each of these three programs.  1/2

Inspiration: Students will create a technology integration plan using the Inspiration software package (1/6)

Attendance: Daily attendance is required of all students

Digital Storage: Each students is required to have 2 100mb zip disks for storage.

Plagiarism: This course adheres to the College's policy on academic honesty as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Plagiarism may lead to grade reduction, course failure, or expulsion from school.

Course Schedule: (subject to change as needed)
Date: Topic:
1/26 Course Introduction/Overview.  Multimedia Examples.  Star Wars (Screenplay, give-a-show, radio drama, record/storybook, movie) Arthur's Teacher Trouble.  Copy and Laminate Appendix B.  Read Part V - The part of Tens, Choose one CD to present in class.
2/2 PRESENTATIONS: Students pick one CD from readings and present it in class.
2/9 ****AECT Conference: No Class****
2/16 The In's and Out's of Macintosh Multimedia, Control Panels, CD Player, Recording Audio through line and mic inputs.  Read Chapter 5 - Groovy Graphics
2/23 Graphics: QuickTime Camera, Scanning, Connectix Quickcam.  Read: Chapter 6  - Sound Advice and Chapter 7 - Victory over Video.
3/2 ****Winter Break: No Class****
3/9 Sound and Video.  Read: Chapter 8 Simple stuff you can do with ClarisWorks
3/16 ****No Class: Game Developers Conference****
3/23 CLARISWORKS Multimedia: Projects due at the end of class.  Read: Chapter 9 - An overview of KidPix Studio
3/30 KIDPIX Multimedia: Projects due at the end of class.  Read Chapter 10-Faking it Through Hyperstudio
4/6 HYPERSTUDIO Multmedia Projects Due at the end of class.  Read Chapter 11 - Making the Curriculum Connection and Chapter 12 - Lights, Camera, Action!
4/13 ****Spring Break: No Class****
4/20 INSPIRATION - Creating an Integration plan, projects due at the end of class.  Read Part IV - Sharing with Others (Chapters 13, 14)
4/27 Putting it All Together: Creating portable presentation, storing class projects on for future use.

Office Information:
Office: Satterlee Hall 216
Phone: (315) 267-2670
Office Hours: M, W 12:45-1:45  Tuesday, 3:45-4:45

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