BETRUS.COM is currently being maintained by Anthony Betrus.  Rather than monopolize this space for my own use, I would feel better about using it as a place to link to Betrus family members and web pages.  Eventually I would like to create a geneology web site here, so any Betrus family information you have would be most appreciated.  This includes you if your last name is Betrus, or you are married to a Betrus, any have any other relation to a Betrus.  While I'm interested in the "New York" Betrus family, I'm also interested in the Betrus family from Michigan  (if you are a "Michigan" Betrus and are currently reading this, please e-mail me, I'd like to see if we are related, or the same last name is just a coincidence).


Betrus Geneology Web Link (Thanks to the efforts of Jane Betrus)
Tony Betrus's Home Page - Son of William and Barbara Betrus
Jonathan William Betrus - son of Anthony and Kristen Betrus
Katherine Landry Betrus - daughter of Anthony and Kristen Betrus

Peter Betrus -

Patricia Betrus -
Jenny Macaire -
Julie Perrini -
Alex Macaire -
Sebastian Macaire -

Bob and Jane Betrus -;
Peter K Betrus -
Rachel Betrus -

Tom & Toni Betrus -
David Betrus -

Jon & Sue Betrus -;
Christopher Betrus -
Jeremy Betrus -

Bill & Barb Betrus -
Tony & Kristie Betrus -;
Ryan Betrus -
Jon Betrus -

Alan & Chris Betrus -

Elayne Caizza (Maiden Name Betrus, Daughter of Joseph Nemor Betrus) -
Kara Fitzsimmons Fayne (grandaughter of Betty Nemor Betrus and Adolph Czoper; daughter of Mary Ann Czoper and Robert John Fitzsimmons) -

(If you have any additions or corrections for either the web links or e-mail,  please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP)



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