Harrisville Central School

Class of 1989

Class Members:
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1. Jack Andersen
E-Mail: jandersen@anderinger.com
Education: SUNY Buffalo, 1994
Occupation: Customs Broker - Overseas Imports Specialist
2. Sheena Maria (Atkinson) Mcintosh
Spouse: Shaun Mcintosh
Education: Asso. Degree in Retail Business Management, SUNY Canton (1991)
Occupation: Retail Management
3. Tricia M. (Atkinson) Bango
Spouse: Alan J. Bango
Education: B.S. Degree from Houghton College in Elementary Education, Dec. 1993
Occupation: Non-secure detention teacher at the Children's Home of Jefferson County
4. Dewayne Baillargeon
Spouse: Bobbi
Children: Morgan (9)
Brianna (4)
Occupation: Sr. Mechanical Designer
Education: Canton College
5. Gerald E. Baker II
6. Chrisscheyl M. Bango
Occupation: Landscaping
7. Anthony Karl Betrus
Spouse: Kristen
E-mail: betrusak@potsdam.edu
Education: B.A. in Math & Education, SUNY Potsdam 1993;
M.S. in Instructional Technology, SUNY Potsdam 1994;
PhD in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University (currently finishing dissertation)
Occupation: Professor of Instructional Technology, SUNY Potsdam
8. Dennis R. Canfield
9. Kristi (Casciaro) Mazuroski
Spouse: Michael Mazuroski
Children: Paige (6)
E-mail: paigelee@fds.net
Occupation: Own an in home business.
10. Laurie Marie (Cross) Swink
Spouse: Kenneth
Children: Adam (2.5)
Ethan (14 months)
E-mail: wswink@nci.net
Education: JCC 1991
Occupation: Cigarette Rep
11. Nicole Marie (Davis) O'Day
Spouse: Thomas O'Day
Children: Sean-Michael Thomas (2.5)
Ryan Patrick (2 weeks)
E-Mail: today22396@aol.com
Education: SUNY Potsdam, 1993 graduate, B.A. in Sociology
Occupation: Homemaker
12. Dawn Deamer
13. Brenda Jean (Dusharm) Backus
Spouse: Steve Backus
Children: Jordan (8)
Amiee (6)
Abigail (1)
E-Mail: sdusharm@gisco.net
Education: JCC (1 year)
Occupation: Postal Clerk
14. Rachelle D. Ford
15. Donald W. Fowler
16. Christopher Frank
17. Danielle Marie (Fraser) Campbell
Spouse: Chris Campbell
Children: Coal (8)
Brennan (5)
Jesse (3)
Occupation: Self-employed - magnetic therapy
18. Heather Lynn Fuller
19. Kimberly A. (Genter) Ekberg
Spouse: Allan Ekberg
Children: Kelsey (8)
Occupation: Works at Stewarts
20. Christine M. (Gratzer) Neese
Spouse: Chris Neese
Children: Chase Michael (2.5)
Education: SUNY Morrisville, 1991
Occupation: Police Telecommunicator
21. Daniel Thomas Hawthorne
22. Joanne (House) Eddy
Spouse: Mark Eddy
Children: Jacob (5)
Tyler (1)
Education: SUNY Potsdam (2 years)
Occupation: I work at the Clifton-Fine Boarding Home preparing meals and caring for 9 elderly people.
23. Angelia Mae Hunter
24. Tina Louise (Kaler) Stracener
Spouse: Terry Stracener
Children: Jacob Power (5.5)
Jeremy Donald (3.5)
Aaron Thomas (10 months)
Education: JCC (1 year); Commonwealth College, VA Beach (1 year)
Occupation: Housewife & "Mama"
25. Anthony Wayne LaParr
26. Sara Wynette LaParr
27. Ronda M. LaPlatney
28. Regina LaVancha
29. Terri Jo LaBoult
30. Thomas Lawrence Looby
31. Julie Ann Manchester
32. Laurie Ann (Myers) Taylor
Spouse: Michael Myers
Children: Ryan Michael (6)
Morgan Rae (3)
Occupation: LPN at Carthage Area Hospital
Education: Attending SUNY Canton for nursing.
33. Lorrie J. Nawotniak
34. Robert Peabody
35. Sheila L. (Pealo)
Spouse: Tracy
Children: Desiree (2.5)
Alex (9 months)
E-mail: tracy@A-ZNet.com
Education: St. Joseph's School of Nursing '91
Occupation: RN at a Drug/Alcohol Rehab
36. Glenn V. Smith
37. Richard Wicks
38. Michelle Lee Williams
39. Chuck Young
40. John Paul LaFave
41. Josh Dickinson
E-mail: joshadsh@northnet.org
Spouse: Nicole Sacco (engaged)
Education: B.A. English, SUNY Potsdam 1993,
M.A. Syracuse University 1995,
M.A.T olgate University 1997
Occupation: English Teacher at Lowville Academy; Adjunct English Instructor at  JCC