Title: Inside Soccer
Overall Rating: A
Source: www.insidesoccer.com
Playing Time: N/A
Software Release Date:
Cost: $ 7.95 per month, $75 annually.
Operating System:  Mac/PC
Number of Players: N/A
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Internet access. Computer with audio capabilities to hear drill descriptions.
Subject Area: Soccer coaching
Objectives:  Provide coaches with a plethora of drills, exercises, games and tactical ideas that can be incorporated into their training programs.
Brief Description: Insidesoccer.com is a site that is meant for the serious soccer coach. It is a paysite which contains over 450 drills and exercises which can be used by coaches. All drill demonstrations are available via videos which range from 2-5 minutes, while a PDF text description of each exercise can also be downloaded. The website currently offers 12 interviews with top professional and national team coaches (Arsenal, Spain, United States, England) who share their thoughts on their own coaching philosophies. There are also 26 interviews with players (Kaka, Ryan Giggs, Clint Dempsey) who offer some insight into how they reached the very top level of the game. The website allows coaches to search for drill by tactic or technique (ie crossing and finishing, combination play), by club (Valencia, Chelsea, Inter Milan, by the name of the coach conducting the drill, or by tage of the traget audience (Under 8 all the way to "First Team" or adult).
Entry Capabilities Required: A basic understanding of soccer coaching is required in order to experience the full benefit the site has to offer. Understanding of the game will allow coaches to pinpoint the area(s) their team needs to work on, which will allow the usability of the site (searching for drills by technique) to really shine through. Having said that, insidesoccer is a fantastic resource for beginning coaches, as drills are in abundance, and are brilliantly described via video and the accompanying narrative

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Incredible amount of content, content organization, overall design of site, ability to create own drills, ability to save favorite exercises, clearly credible thanks to drills being conducted by world famous coaches, very easy to navigate.
Weak Points: Incomplete construction of "My Animation" tool, audio quality of description of certain drills.
Reviewer: Mark Misiak
Position: ICT 614 Graduate Student
Date Reviewed: 6/9/11
Computer System Reviewed on: HP Compaq hd 7900, 3.00 GHz, 1.96GB of Ram