Title: Where in the World is CARMEN SANDIEGO?
Overall Rating:  A-
Source: Personal Collection but can be purchased
Playing Time: At least 1/2 hour but it is addicting plant to spend several hours on the computer
Date: 6-7-99
Cost: $ 4.99 at Electronic Boutique or $39.95 for an updated version at: http://www.pbs.org/wgb h/pages/carmen/software.html
Number of Players: 1 but it helps to have someone helping out it makes it more enjoyable
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: none just a computer
Subject Area: Geography ages 9 and up according to the program
Objectives: To identify the thief, obtain an arrest warrant, and track the crook to his or her hideout, all before time runs out.
Brief Description: After you sign in, the Chief will contact you from ACME Headquarters to brief you on the case. You will then get the travel agent and start looking for clues.
Entry Capabilities Required: You will need an Almanac or a map and someone able to read them.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: This game will definitely keep you on the computer for long periods of time and it is not just for kids.  It took me 2 games to actually win the game, but my son won on his first try.  I like the idea that you are able to earn promotions after winning a certain level of games. You can go from gumshoe, the lowest level, to investigator after one win, to senior investigator, inspector, senior inspector, detective, master detective to the highest of super sleuth after 40 wins.
 The graphics, photographs were excellent and the voices were realistic with accent and use of foreign language.  This is an excellent way to learn world geography without even knowing you are actually learning something. The vile gang has some clever names such as:  Robin Banks, Irma Dillow, Sarah Nade, Li Non Mee, Yul B. Sorry and Sam O'Nella.

Weak Points: The age nine and up are a little low it is more for high school and up.  The clues are difficult at first to figure outIf you ever make super sleuth you will probably be bored with the game.
Reviewer: Jill Dixon
Position: Gred 518 Student
Date: June 7, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on: G3 233 64mb RAM