Title: Compton's Interactive World Atlas
Overall Rating: A
Source: http://new.shoptlc.com/Search.asp< BR>Playing Time:5 minutes to hours
Date: 1997
Cost: $ 19.95 http://new.shoptlc.com/pro duct.asp?OID=4140165
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: PC with Win95/3.1
Subject Area: Middle School and above for the InteractiveWorld Atlas
Objectives: Students will learn about geography, earth and life science, history, reading, music, and interactive web sites.
Brief Description: The Interactive World Atlas enables students to click onto geographical regions that they are studying and learn about the topography, culture, history, demographics, wildlife, and experience video and audio clips about their particular region.
Entry Capabilities Required: PC with Win98/95/3.1, CD-ROM 2X or better, 486/66MHz or better, 8MB RAM, Super VGA, Windows compliant 16 bit sound device, speakers, Microsoft mouse or compatible

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: The audio and video clips sent this program over the top in terms of quality and wealth of information. The vast amount of information on different countries and any topic one could associate with that country was great. I really enjoyed the option of being able to compare the world or just 2 countries and a table would be automatically compiled that would clearly demonstrate the distinctions.
Weak Points: I just was a little confused about the opening the suitcase. I also wish the authors had left a little more room on the menu bar so the flag, data, and world icon could be transferred onto the main menu bar. As the program presently is designed the student can only add two out of those three options and has to keep switching back and adding one and deleting the other one. That was a little frustrating. Overall a great program and should be in a teacher's software collection.
Reviewer: Leslie LaRose
Position: Graduate MST Student
Date: 6/6/99
Computer System Reviewed on: Packard Bell Platinum 40, Pentium, 24 RAM