Title: Jewels of the Oracle
Overall Rating: B +
Source: www.dreamcatchergames.com (note: This product was originally produced by Discis, a company that has since merged with Dream CatcherInteractive)
Playing Time: Varies greatly depending on how fast you can complete the puzzles that are included with this software. This game should take a considerable amount of time to conclude.
Software Release Date: October 1995
Cost: $ 17.99 amazon.com
Operating System: Windows 3.1, DOS 5.0, or Mac 7.1 or greater.

Number of Players: One player
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: None
Subject Area: Math/Logic with some some historical and pseudo-historical relevance. This game's complex logic and reasoning questions are intended for middle level students and older.
Objectives: To solve 24 puzzles based on logic and reasoning skills to gain entrance into the secret crown city of a lost civilization (reportedly located in present day Kuwait)
Brief Description: This is a game where you play the part of a "Indiana Jones" type that would like to find and enter into a lost city once found in the Middle East. To do so you must collect jewels which will allow for you to enter into the city when all are in your possession. Logic and reasoning questions that range in difficulty must be answered to collect the so called "Jewels of the Oracle".
Entry Capabilities Required: Basic computer and keyboard knowledge.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Multiple solutions to some questions will bring back those who enjoy challenge of such games. Many of the questions are very difficult and will definately make you work to be successful. The graphics really are impressive for a somewhat outdated piece of software. The movies included also brought excitement to the program.
Weak Points: Age of software has limitations and this game is not meant to assist teachers in most subject matters.
Reviewer: Jon Cota
Position: Graduate student and middle level social studies educator
Date Reviewed: 1/14/04
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G4 450; 512mb ram