Title: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99 Home Edition
Overall Rating: A
Playing Time: N/A
Software Release Date: 1999
Cost $19.95 2004 Encarta Standard Version with 1 CD
shttp://www.microsoft.com/products/encarta/buy/default.asp At this link you will find the updated version of the home edition, now called Encarta Standard 2004
Operating System: Windows 95
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: CD Rom
Subject Area: History, Life Science, Geography, Physical Science + Technology, Sports, Hobbies + Pets, Performing Arts/ Language, Literature, Religion, Philosophy, Social Science
Objectives: This is a research tool used to help in research and learning through a multimedia encyclopedia.
Brief Description: This is an interactive encyclopedia that provides the user with many different resources. It provides articles, maps, a dictionary, timelines, video clips, sound bites, links to the WWW, an atlas, charts and tables, images, and even 360 degree views of certain landmarks and historic places.
Entry Capabilities Required: Users should have basic computer skills with the use of a mouse, basic reading ability, and the ability to follow basic directions.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: The images are great and the tremendous amount of information given. It has 35,000 articles for the edition I viewed. The updated version will have thousands more articles. It is linked to 13,545 web sites.
Weak Points: The only weak point is that it might be a little difficult for younger students to manage by themselves. Newer versions might have more than one CD and that might be bothersome changing disks at times.
Reviewer: Michele Volz
Position: Graduate student / Elementary Education
Date Reviewed: 6/4/2004
Computer System Reviewed on: HP Pavilion 6535 64 MB SDRAM