Title: No Frills
Overall Rating: B
Play time: 10- 15 minutes for each topic unless you read the reference information
Source: http://www.games2train.com/site/html/index2.html (click on 'No Frills' on the left most menu)
Release date: Not Available
Cost: free http://www.games2train.com/games/nofrills/nofrills.html
Operating system: Web Based
Number of players: one
Equipment needed: a computer
Subject area: Technology, Harassment, Ethics
Objectives: To answer 20 question in one of the three topics
Brief Description: When the game starts you pick one of the three topic. The topics have 20 questions. If you get the question right you go to the next if you get wrong it gives a link to a reference to read why the answer you gave is wrong. You have to go to the reference before going to the next question. They keep giving you the question until you get it right.
Entry capabilities required: helpful if you know about Harassment and ethics (rules of business conduct) and you have to know about technology (NT4 for Technicians)
Rating: (1-5)
Relevance to objectives: 5 the questions that are given are relevant to the topics
Provides practical relevant skills: 4 for the harassment and ethics topic I thought it was relevant because I think it is information that is extremely useful. However the Technology topic isn’t information that just anyone will know.
Likely to arouse/maintain interest: 3 I got bored with the game. There is nothing included to keep interest. However sine this is designed for adults, they will have more focus because they wouldn’t be playing the game if it wasn’t important to them.
Likely to be comprehended clearly: 4 there are not a lot of directions but its easy to play. Sometimes questions can be a little confusing unless you read them and the answers carefully.
Technical quality: 2 it’s not attractive. You have a question on black background. Picture a chalkboard with writing.
Game: 1 there is no chance to lose. There are only 20 questions and you are given that question until you get it right.
Simulation: doesn’t apply. There is nothing to look real.
Evidence of effectiveness: I didn’t find any information about this. Considering that you can answer the questions as many times until you get it right I doubt it could be very effective unless the player really pays attention to the references.
Clear directions for playing: 4 there are little notes on the side telling you what to do to pick a topic and it’s the any other time that directions are needed.
Effectiveness for debriefing: There is no end. When you finish the questions you can just go on to the next if you want to. Strong Points: The once strong point I saw was that it was easy to play and figure out to use and get started.
Weak Point: It takes forever to load. After answering questions from one topic it tell you to click on something if you to go to another topic. Well its not there, there is nothing there that will get to t the topic screen unless you cancel that game. It’s only for one player. Having two people playing against each other could make it more fun.
Reviewer: Michelle Gee
Position: Undergrad. Literature major
Date Reviewed: 6/4/04

Computer System reviewed on:
Mac G4 733 512 mb ram