Title: Reader Rabbit's Math 4-6
Overall Rating: (A-)
Source: Broderbund
Playing Time: Seven games and each game has 2-5 different levels (varies)
Software Release Date: 1998
Cost: $9.99 Broderbund
Operating System: PC and MAC
Number of Players: One player at a time
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: This particular software does not require special equipment or facilities due to it's ability to be user friendly.
Subject Area: Math
Objectives: Overall objectives: to enhance children's appreciation for numbers, explore basic number concepts, develop skills in counting, adding, subtracting, recognizing number relationships,patterns, colors, and shapes. Children are encourage to discover higher-level math concepts and to develop an awarenessof mathematical relationships. The objectives are implied. Found in the manual
Brief Description: The Reader Rabbit's Math was designed to create an environment where very young students can learn the basic concept about math. The students will enjoy joining Math rabbit at the amusement park as they play with numbers in the Math Racer car, Log Ride, or the Hurricane Hare Roller Coaster. Other attraction offered in this program is Calliope Counting Game, Tightrope Show, the Sea Lion Show, and the Balloon Matching Game. It does not matter which game you choose because each and every game is filled with interesting math problems that can be solved to win a prize.
Entry Capabilities Required: Students must be able to control the mouse and be able to click on the spot they want to go.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: The activiies in this allow for different learning styles, like visual, auditory, abtract, and concrete. This program also offers several levels of difficult and is design to allow the students to work at their own pace.
Weak Points: The weakess point in my opinion is the prize center. This is a place that gives away fake tickets only after you have successfully rode on a ride or completed a round in an activity. Children can then turn these fake tickets in for a fake gift. Another down fall for this game is the parents will have to assisst the younger student often.
Reviewer: Marchelle E. Gerlack
Position: Student (IT Course 518)
Date Reviewed: 01-15-04
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G3 233, 64mb ram.