Title: Reader Rabbit's Reading 6-9
Overall Rating: (A)
Source: Broderbund Software Help/Support Center
Playing Time: 30 Stories and 15 learning activities
Software Release Date: 1998
Cost: $9.99 Amazon.com
Operating System: PC and MAC
Number of Players: One player at a time
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: This particular software program requires a mircophone (for record and playback feature) for the PC and a microphoneinput and mircophone (for record and playback feature) for the MAC.
Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts
Objectives: Overall objectives: to allow children to enjoy continuing success in reading, develop young reader's reading and thinking skills and strategies, help children use letter-patterns, letter-sounds, and contextual clues in decoding new words, assist young readers in recognizing multisyllabic and compound words, further develop and expand on sight-vocabulary, enable children to read 30 short stories independently, and continue to develop oral reading skills, including word emphasis, voice inflection, and pacing. Objectives of each activity is impiled in the activity title. (Found in manual).
Brief Description: The Reader Rabbit's Reading 6-9 uses slow and steady steps to help the students in their progression through the stories and activties. Students progressively move through a series of 30 story books (each about 30 pages long) and 15 learning activities. All the stories are persented to the child in the same manner. First the theme is introduced by a narrator along with any new words in the story; the narrator reads a page from the story; the child is asked to read the same page aloud and record it on the computer. The student can then compare their reading to the narrators reading.
Entry Capabilities Required: Students must be able to recognize the letters and sounds they make, recognize beginning sight vocabulary, and can read simple new words using their decoding skills and contextual clues.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: This program has a lot of color and interactive activities. It is user friendly and very easy to move around in. Children are engaged in many activities. Easy to follow directions. The activiies in this program allow for different learning styles, like visual, auditory, abtract, and concrete. The program is also designed to allow the students to work at their own pace.
Weak Points: The only weak point I can see is that the map may take some children a little time to become familiar with the icons used for particular activities.
Reviewer: Marchelle E. Gerlack
Position: Student (IT Course 518)
Date Reviewed: 01-15-04
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G4 450, 512mb ram.