Title: RnR Spelling 1.3
Overall Rating: B+
Source: http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/khughes/rnrspelling/
Playing Time: It would take a K-6 student anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to study ten words.
Software Release Date: April 2002
Cost: $ Free to download from http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/khughes/rnrspelling/
Operating System: Windows 98
Number of Players: One player at a time.
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: This particular software is user-friendly and does not require special equipment or facilities.
Subject Area: Spelling
Objectives: This program uses a "Look, Cover, Write, Check" method of learning for students to spell words more accurately.
Brief Description: The RnR Spelling 1.3 uses four disctinct steps to help a child learn to spell accurately. This program allows ten words at a time which create the specific list for he student to study. The parents initally creat this list by typing in the specified words. The child then analyzes the first word, clicks the "Cover" tab, which then completely covers the word. The child clicks the "Write" tab and then proceeds to write the word in the text box given. A "Check" tab is then clicked which visually compares the word the child typed after studying it and the word the parent entered to the list at the beginning. The child goes through these same four steps for every word on the created list.
Entry Capabilities Required: Students must be able to control the mouse, click on the spot they need to go, and enter text.

Rating: (1 "poor"- 5 "excellent")

Strong Points: The activities in this program allow the word lists to be completely customisable, so the child can match what he/she is required to do for school.
Weak Points: The weakess point in my opinion is the fact that this program is very repititious. A student may become bored and uninterested after using this program for long periods of time.
Reviewer: MaryBeth LaFreniere
Position: Student (IT Course 518)
Date Reviewed: 6/4/04
Computer System Reviewed on: Compaq MV 520