Title: 3D Atlas 98
Overall Rating: A+
Source: http://www.cwonders.com/cwonders/abc/3dademo/download/Atlas.sea.hqx
Playing Time: 1-2 Hours
Date: Sept 1997
Cost: $24.00 http://www.shopper.com/cgi-bin/nph-find?a0=3d+atlas+98&search=%07Go%21%07
Number of Players: 1-4
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: CD-Rom
Subject Area: Social Studies
Objectives: To teach & present Geography and related information in a colourful and interesting manner. Portrays countries and images of foreign lands in an interesting and easy to understand manner.This is simply an excellent program. It strikes an interest immediately and with pictures, coloured tables and very useful browse menus this program get's high marks in bringing about a better understanding of other nations.
Brief Description: Exceptional multimedia program with 3D capabilities. Presents globes, maps, tables and countless information in a attractive manner. Also has descriptive pictures that depict actual landscapes and scenes from countries all over the world. Gives students an excellent, interactive medium to gain an understanding of the world and with it's attractiveness will keep their interest at a optimal level. It even tests your knowledge.
Entry Capabilities Required: Reading Ability & Computer Literacy

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Incredible layout and attractiveness of program, Loads of Stats presented in appealing tables with flags. Trivia game at the end is also very interesting and inreactive with a running score indicator. the coloured pictures used throughout the program add so much to the over-all presentation.
Weak Points: I feel none.If you had to pick anything it would be an endless amount of information, but when we are dealing with geography, the statistical aspect is neccessary to gain a proper understanding of the subject & theme.
Reviewer: Randy Givogue
Position: Student
Date: 6/7/1999
Computer System Reviewed on: (G3 233, 64 MB Ram)