Title: Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Overall Rating: A
Source: Brockton Publishers
Playing Time: 30 min
Date: 1992
Cost: $ 16.99
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: CD ROM, sound option, mouse.
Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts
Objectives: To encourage reading at an independent to instructional level, to promote independence in reading comprehension and exploration.
Brief Description: The book, "Arthur's Teacher Trouble" is shown and read in either English or Spanish. The story can be read page by page at the child's will, either in order or chosen randomly. Each element on the descriptive picture pages could be animated by clicking on it with the mouse.
Entry Capabilities Required: A child must be able to use a mouse.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: "Arthur's Teacher Trouble" is a great way to encourage children to read independently. The children are told to read in class and often it is at an instructional or frustration level. If the children are also told it is okay to have fun while you read and that ultimately all reading should and will be fun more children will be interested. The correlation between the sight and sound of a word is also valuable. The child learns the spelling and the correct pronunciation of the words. As this happens the child's confidence is reading allowed is also promoted. Finally, as with any educational software it has "patience" the child can repeat a particular page over and over while having the chance for it to be read allowed each time. Something that few adults would have the patience to do.
Weak Points: This software, "Arthur's Teacher Trouble" could be stronger if another book at a higher reading level was offered in continuation of the game. Also is vocabulary, spelling, and word recognition could be incorporated within the context of the game, it could be stronger. For example, if after each page a review of the meaning of more difficult words were explained, and if a spelling game were available the software would become a more useful tool within the classroom.
Reviewer: Erika Vesterby
Position:  under grad
Date: 9/26/98
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.