Title: Arthur's Teacher Trouble (Demo) by Marc Brown
Overall Rating: A
Source: Living Books A Random House / Broderbund Company
Playing Time: (Demo) Read To Me mode - 2 minutes Let Me Play mode - 2-5+
Cost: $ 19.95 www.broderbund.com
Number of Players:1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Macintosh computer with a CD-ROM,
mouse, and 2500k memory (minimum) to operate the game.
Subject Area: Reading / English
Objectives:Upon using this software, students will have a chance to improve
their reading skills, listening skills, computer usage skills, and perhaps
even use the program for inspiration in a creative writing unit /
Brief Description: Arthur Read and the rest of the gang from Marc Brown's
Arthur series are faced with challenge of being members of the classroom
headed by the toughest teacher in the third grade.
Entry Capabilities Required: This program requires the following abilities:
reading, listening, attending, and computer mouse manipulation skills.

Rating: (1-5)

Relevance to objectives: (5) This software offers the opportunity for
students to improve upon their skills in reading, listening, attending,
and the possibility of using the program for creative writing.
Provides practice of relevant skills: (5) All of the afore mentioned
skills are important for students to become familiar with. The program
allows its users ample opportunity to practice the improvement of their
skills in reading, listening, attending, creative writing, and
computer usage.
Likely to arouse/maintain interest: (5) I believe that this program
could arouse the interest of a variety of users of a range of ages,
grade levels, and experience levels. I feel that this program, though
designed primarily for elementary grades, could also be used in other
venues. For example, it cold be used in the following arenas of
education: resource rooms, middle and high school English classes
(creative writing), adult literacy classes, etc.
Likely to be comprehended clearly: (4) I believe that this program is
fairly easy to understand as long as the user listens to the audio
directions given by the software. An instructional booklet is also
include to give additional help for the user. However, this program
would not work very well for individuals with little or no hearing
because not all of the book's text is printed on the screen.
Technical quality (durable, attractive):(5) If the full length version
of this software is as durable as other software from the same company
(Living Books) the software would be quite durable, indeed. From the
sample shown by this demo, the animation is both attractive and
Game: Winning dependent on player actions (rather than chance): (5)
Users of this type of software are not really playing a win/lose type
of game. It is more of an exercise in exploration of the abilities of
the software that serves to enhance rather than detract from the
Simulation: Validity of game model (realistic, accurate depiction):
(5)The software appears to follow the book accurately, from the amount
of the simulation that I could see from the demo.
Evidence of effectiveness (e.g. field-test results): N/A (demo)
Clear directions for play: (5)The software is fairly straightforward.
If the user follows the directions given audibly by the program, the
user should be able to progress quite simply. The instructional
booklet can also be consulted with the full length software.
Effectiveness of debriefing:(5)I feel that doing this review was quite
helpful to me as a future educator. It gave me the opportunity to
consider how I could incorporate computer software into my classroom
and how other teachers could incorporate it into theirs.

Strong Points: The program is educational, entertaining, and gives the
opportunity to practice important skills (i.e. reading, listening,
attending, possibly creative writing, and computer usage).
Weak Points: This program might be considered boring and simplistic to
individuals with a strong base of knowledge in computers or who have a
distinct dislike of animation and children's stories.
Reviewer:Julie Chapman
Position:EDUC 410
Date: February 10, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.