Title:  Multimedia Audubon's Mammals
Overall Rating: F.  I would not recommend this CD-ROM to a teacher.  The instruction booklet contains no information on anything more than loading the CD.  The graphics and sounds are of poor quality and it is not very interactive.  It was probably good seven years ago, but it is very outdated by today's standards.
Source:   CMC ReSearch, Inc.
Playing Time: Dependant on how many animals you would like to find out about, usually 20 minutes per animal.
Date:  1992
Cost: $ 8.95 for 1997 -98 updated version.  Can be purchased at http://www.CDAccess.com
Number of Players:  One student at a time
Special Equipment/Facilities NeededPC requires DOS 3.1 or later, MS-CDEX 2.0 or later, 640k RAM. Color monitor, CD-ROM drive with audio output.  Macintosh requires System Software 6.0.5 or greater, 2Mb RAM, Color display requires 8-bit color, 32-bit QuickDraw and color monitor. CD-ROM with audio ooutput, CD-ROM extensions, ISO 9660 File Access, and Foreighn File Access required.
Subject Area:  6-8th Grade Life Science
Objectives:  To serve as a resouce on finding information on the different characteristics of different animals.
Brief Description:  Basically an encyclopedia on CD-ROM.  It contains pictures of animals and includes voices of some of the animals.  To go along with the picture, it contains a brief, usually a few pages, description of each animal.
Entry Capabilities Required:  Basic typing a plus, not much more.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: This CD-ROM has some good information in the text and is well written for a 6-8th grade level.  Some of the sounds are realistic.
Weak Points: Outdated.  It was difficult to initially load the CD.  Once loaded, navigation through the software was not easy and I never got the small game to load.  Graphics were poor and sound quality was fair.  It was not interactive and I got bored quickly.
Reviewer:  Stephen Colon
Position:  Graduate Student-Potsdam State College, NY
Date:  March 18, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on:  Power Macintosh G3 233 with 64MB RAM.