Title: Encarta  Encyclopedia
Overall Rating: A
Source: Microsoft
Playing Time:Varies
Date: 1998
Cost: $ 39.95      http://www.ms.w arehouse.com/microsoft/reference/education 
Number of Players: 1+
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Computer with CD-Rom
Subject Area: Variety of subjects/grade 2- adult
Objectives: To provide  informative resources on gaining accurate info on desied topics.
Brief Description: A multi-media encyclopedia complete with info, sound, animation, timeline.
Entry Capabilities Required: Must be able to read and type as well as have the ability to navigate with a mouse.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Lots of info on many topics ~ User friendly ~ Pictures useful in projects etc.
Weak Points: Could be boring ~ Info could be a problem for younger students.
Reviewer: Patti Dabiew
Position: ITMM Graduate Student
Date: 3/23/99
Computer System Reviewed on: Daewoo PC  PII 233 mhz,  32mb ram.