Title: It's All Relative(Comedy central)
Overall Rating:  B(Not all of it was funny, but the ones there were funny were hilarious.   
Source:  Time Warner
Playing Time:  This software was not a game.  It was just comedy scenes.  It depends on how much time you want to spend on each, but it should not take more than five minutes to hear the joke.
Date:  1994
Costhttp://www.tdnservices.com/david/index.html#sw ($10.00)

Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed:  you did not need any equipments to hear the scenes, except may be a sence of humor.
Subject Area: High school level
Objectives:  This is not a software that you can use in class as a lesson or anything educational.  Unless you use it to encourage students to appreciate who they are.  You can also use it for recess if you have a long class period.
Brief Description: This software basically deals with comedy and comedy and comedians.
Entry Capabilities Required:  In order to understand most of the jokes the students have to be at least on a high school level to actually get the joke.
Rating: (1-5) 5-good 1-bad and why?
          &nbs p;  Relevance to objectives:  4 It is pretty much what it said on the cover that is in the software.  They sayt you should be expecting comedy and that is exactly what it was.
          &nbs p;  Provides practice of relevant skills: (I dont think this section is relavent to this software review)    
          &nbs p;  Likely to arouse/maintain interest:  5 It is very interesting and I think any one who try to play this software they would be very please with it.
          &nbs p;  Likely to be comprehended clearly: 3 some of the jokes are not clear.  you have to pose and think about first before you actually get it.  However, others were very quick to get and that is when you start laughing.
          &nbs p;  Technical quality (durable, attractive): 4 It was very interesting how the categories were set.  the way they did it was like books on library shelfs. they are arrange by categories.  They also give you a clip of what you might what to expect.
          &nbs p;  Game: Winning dependent on player actions (rather than chance):  3 Besides learning jokes their were nothing to learn.  Not all of the jokes were clean.  Some of them were very nasty and bias.  Then again lately that is what comedy is made of. 
          &nbs p;  Simulation: Validity of game model (realistic, accurate depiction):  4 This is very realistic.  Many of the comedians talk about things society don't want to hear but when in the long run some people believe them, some think they are stereotype and others just ignore them.
          &nbs p;  Evidence of effectiveness (e.g. field-test results):  
          &nbs p;  Clear directions for play: 4(I mention before that it was not a game so some of the ratings I can not rate it on, and this is one of them.  However, if we are talking about directions they were crystal clear).
          &nbs p;   Effectiveness of debriefing:  4  This software is for adults, and young adults 
Strong Points: overall it is funny, and organize.
Weak Points:  Some of the comedians were not funny, and some of them make fun of things they should not be making fun of.  I just think somethings people should not be making fun of.  Other people might find these things to be funny but I did not.
Reviewer: Rose C. Amazan
Position:undergrad student potsdam
Date:  09/15/98
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.