Title: Juilliard Music Adventure
Overall Rating: A
Source: Theatrix compact disc; personal copy & http://www. theatrix.com/products/juilliard/overviewframe.html
Playing Time: variable
Date: 1995
Cost: $29.99 http://www. theatrix.com/products/juilliard/overviewframe.html
Number of Players: one
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: System 7 or higher, double speed CD ROM drive or Windows
Subject Area: Music
Objectives: Introduction to music theory, creativity, problem solving, reasoning, music composition
Brief Description: Juilliard Music Adventure by Theatrix and The Juilliard School is interactive educational software for children, ages 9 and up (this now reads 8-12 according to the web site), who are interested in learning about various components of music.  There are three levels of difficulty . The child has to solve the clues and find the correct keys in order to open the throne room, remove "Gnoise", and restore harmony to the kingdom. This software also allows the child to create his/ her own short musical compositions using the "melody" and "rhythm" tiles and hear them played.
Entry Capabilities Required: ability to use a computer and mouse, minimal knowledge of music

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points:  1) Interactive sequences with increasing levels of difficulty,  clear visual graphics,  clear and interesting audio and       musical selections; 2) characters keep younger child's focus; 3) gives good entry level information on various musical instruments; 4) allows for experimentation in music composition
Weak Points: 1) once the problem is solved there is no motivation to play the game again with the exception of composing music, 2) directions for use of rhythm and melody tiles may be confusing for some users,  3) is very limited in use by those who are hearing impaired.
Reviewer: Judith Warren
Position: GRED518 Non-matriculated Graduate Student
Date: June 7, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on: G3233 64MBRAM