Title: Jump Start Kindergarten Reading
Overall Rating:  B+
Source:  Knowledge Adventure
Playing Time:  For each section a half an hour. There are 8 sections.
Date:  1996
Cost: $ 30.00 (http://www.cdaccess.com/ html/shared/jumpkind.htm )
Number of Players: One child
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Windows 95/ Windows 3.1 or 3.11 or Macintosh
Subject Area:  Kindergarten reading
Objectives:  To get the child to know the alphabet, sounds and spelling of words
Brief Description:  You visit rabbits house and then visit all of his relatives. With each visit you do something associated with words and reading, for example phonics or vowels. Once you complete each section they give you a clue.
Entry Capabilities Required: Must know how to use a mouse and the keyboard

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points:   The strong points of the game are that it is fun for the kids while they are learning.  They cover all areas of reading. Including alphabet, spelling and how to put words together.
Weak Points:  The weak points are They don't do a good job of correcting you if you are wrong. So kids will tend to make the same mistakes unless the student is being monitered by the teacher. The student should not be left alone to do this a teacher should always be there to answer any questions.
Reviewer:  Valerie Haas
Position:  Gred. 518 student
Date:  March 24, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on: PowerMac 233, 64mb ram.