Title: Just Grandma and Me
Overall Rating: B+
Source: Random House/Broderbound Company
Playing Time: Approximately 10 minutes (It varies on if you just want to listen to the story or if you want to click on the various objects with the mouse and have them do things.)
Date: Copyright 1993  Reviewed 9/16/98
Cost: $ 26.95  http://www.shoplet.com/software/db/293443.html
Number of Players: One
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: CD Rom Drive  This program may be run on either a Macintosh or a computer with a Windows system.  Also, there is a need for a computer to have at least 2500K of memory, if using a Macintosh.
Subject Area: Spanish, English, or Japanese....it helps to teach individuals how to learn any of these three languages.
Objectives:   To learn the vocabulary that is involved in the story and to learn the pronunciation of the various words.  Also, to have fun with the target language!!   (Designed for ages 3-7.)
Brief Description:   This game is known as a living book.  This means that as the story is being read to the listener, the characters in the story come to life.  It has the ability to make the story much more interactive than it would be if a person were just reading it to you.  Also, when the introduction of a given page is finished, the listener can click on different objects and make them come to life as well.
Entry Capabilities Required: The user must know how to use a mouse in order to operate this program.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: It is very entertaining and should be able to keep the interest of the average student.
Weak Points: It is in need of a better way to actually see if the student has learned anything from listening to the story.  Also, it could use to have more than one story available to the user.
Reviewer: Dawn Cross
Position: Student
Date: 9/19/98
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.