Title: Little Red Wagon
Overall Rating: A
Source: Internet http://www.littlefingers.com/software/software27.html; Download the Mac demo at:
Playing Time: 7 minutes
Software Release Date: January 16, 1997
Cost: $19.99 http://www.digitalriver.com/dr/v2/ec_MAIN.Entry10?SP=10023&PN=1&V1=244098&xid=19517
Operating System: Mac
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Mac system 7 or later PC:386/33
memeory requirements 8 MB RAM and not available on disk or cd, just available via electronic delivery
Subject Area: math skills
Objectives: Develop counting, memory, and matching skills
Brief Description: Able to plant a flower garden by counting seeds, match shapes with a memeory game, use a special flashlights to match shapes in order to unclog pipes, make ice cream cones by matching letters and patterns, pick fruit off trees using counting and adding skills, and sort and deliver mail by numbers and colors.
Entry Capabilities Required: Age 2-7

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: This game's strongpoints were that it included six educational activities in the one game. I think that it gave the player motivation to keep playing due to it's ticket rewarding system at the end of the game.
Weak Points: The only weak points of the game that I had a problem with was that some of the activities weren't fast enough for me. What I have to understand is that this game focuses on the age groups between 2-7 years.
Reviewer: Amy Lubanski
Position: Student in EDUC410
Date Reviewed: February 22,2000
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G3 233, 64mb ram.