TitleLyric Language Spanish(Interactive Music and Video Language Program)
Overall Rating:  B+
Source:  My Personal Collection  (I wasn't able to find a demo of this product on the internet.  I reviewed it from my personal collection).
Playing TimeLyric Language Spanish contains over 40 minutes of live action video.  Therefore, to complete each mode or section thoroughly, it takes about 40-50 minutes to complete each section.  However, the four game sections only take approximately 20-30 minutes to play.
Software Release Date:  Penton Overseas, Inc,:  1993
Cost:  $39.95        http://www.pentonoverseas.com/ll_10/ll_total.html
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Operating System:  This hybrid version is compatible with MPC and Macintosh Platforms.
Number of Players:  1 Player at a time
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed:  1) MPC:  a) MPC or equivalent, b) 386 or better, c) 4MB RAM with min. 12 MB Windows Swapfile, d) MPC CD-ROM Drive, e) SVGA able to display 32,000+ colors(15-bit), f) Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Board, g) Mouse, h) MS-DOS 3.3 or later, and i) MS-Windows 3.1 or later.
    2) MACINTOSH:  a) Min. 5 MB RAM, b) CD-ROM Drive, c) System 7.0 or better, and d) 8-bit color monitor or better.
Subject Area:  The product helps to teach the Spanish language to students of many grade levels.
Objectives:  "Lyric Language Spanish was developed by bilingual teaching and music professionals who were searching
for a way to *really* teach Spanish words to both adults and kids!"  Students will learn a foreign language with the aid of Music and Video.  Students will get the chance to listen to native pronunciation.  From working with this CD, students will  improve their skills in spelling, parts of speech, and much more!
    "With Lyric Language, your children will learn hundreds of new words and phrases, with perfect pronunciation."  A student will get results from this program meaning that their spelling, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills in the Spanish language will improve greatly from the use of this product.  A student's vocabulary level in Spanish will increase greatly with the use of this product.  "Lyric Language Spanish has students speaking, reading, and writing Spanish with the very first song."
Brief Description:  This product contains over 40 minutes of live action video, 11 songs with original music and bilingual lyrics (1 line is sung in English, the next in Spanish), and interactive word games.  It also contains brilliant photographic images and a bilingual learning environment.
    The main screen contains different options to click on such as words for review, music and video, music and text, music, text, and video, learn and play, notes, and exit.  "Words for Review" allows students to listen to words and phrases and identify their parts of speech.  In the "Learn and Play" mode, students can mix and match pictures with words.  Type Answer provides keyboard and spelling skills.  Multiple Choice allows students to chose the correct picture out of 4 choices that goes with the correct word or phrase.
    "Kids will sing along with original music while they take a trip to the zoo, the beach, the forest or even a hot air balloon ride! It's an innovative method that appeals to all ages. Used in homes and classrooms around the world!"
Entry Capabilities Required:  Students should have some prior knowledge of the Spanish language by at least being in a beginning level Spanish class.  Students must be interested and be willing to try to learn a new language.  Therefore, a beginning Spanish student can benefit from this software as well as a more advanced student.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points:  The strongest point of this product is that it is a quick and effective way to learn Spanish.  This program allows students to learn Spanish by helping them to improve pronunciation, spelling, grammar, reading, writing, and speaking skills in the Spanish language.  Students will learn hundreds of words and phrases in Spanish.  One of the strongest aspects of this program is that music videos with real life adventures and situations will keep the students motivated to learn Spanish.  This product is appropriate for students who are just starting to learn the Spanish language and for older students who are trying to brush up in the grammar, spelling, pronunciation, reading, writing, and speaking aspects of the Spanish language.  Let's not forget that because this is a user-friendly product students only need to, "slip in the CD-ROM, click and go!"
Weak Points:  This product does not come with a booklet manual.  It does come with a Lyric Language Help file on the CD that summarizes each mode and section of the product.  However, sometimes a booklet is more helpful when a question or problem arises.
    The weakest aspect of this product it that it doesn't generate reports regarding the student's progress.  In the "Learn and Play" mode of this product there is a score section that contains the numbers of correct and incorrect answers, but I don't believe that this is enough.  In each mode or section there should be updated reports that can be printed out.  The reports should contain a list of exercises, the percentage of exercises completed, the amount of time taken for each exercise, the date the student began the lesson, and the number of exercises completed so far.
Reviewer: Pamela Bice
Position: Student in Education 410
Date Reviewed: February 17, 2000
Computer System Reviewed on: IBM Compaq Presario, 5020, G7 300, 64mb ram.