Title: Mammals: A Multimedia Encyclopedia
Overall Rating: A-
Source: National Geographic Society
Playing Time: Variable- Just exploring all features, 1 hour;
            &nbs p;                        - Completing all missions, several hours for young students.
Date: 1993
Cost: $ ? 1-800-342-4460
Number of Players: One- would be hard for more than one student to use controls, game is designed for one player as well.
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Color capable Mac with 4MB of RAM, system 6.0.8, 7.0 or higher, color/gray-scale monitor, Mac-compatible CD-ROM drive, printer(optional).
Subject Area: Life Science; Representative mammals of world ecosystems
Objectives: To present the taxonomy, physiological and behavioral features, and environment of various mammals from each ecosystem.
Brief Description: Mammals is a multimedia approach to presenting the representative groups of the Class Mammalia.  It allows the student to control how he wishes to search for information and learn about animals by presenting information on animals by name, taxonomy, habitat, photos, sounds, movies, and more.  A guided tour is provided to start the students, an interactive glossary explains key terms, and an animal investigation game encourages independent learning(mastery of all aspects of the program is required to beat the hardest levels).  The program is presented on a one-window, browser-type format, that requires little set up.
Entry Capabilities Required: Moderate reading skills, use of mouse and windows-type programs.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Attractive, easy to use, addresses multiple learning styles, encourages independent learning.
Weak Points: Somewhat outdated for 1999 as far as technology(quality of graphics, movies, sound).
Reviewer: Steve Williams
Position: Student
Date: 2/16/99
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.