Title:Maple V Release 5.1
Overall Rating: C
Source: Mathematics Department- Suny Potsdam- Professor Madore
also http://www.maplesoft.com/products/Maple/maplevr5.html
Playing Time: unlimited
Software Release Date: January 2000
Cost:                                                                            Price
                     Maple V: Single License                      $900.00

                     Maple V: Academic Single License      $675.00
            found at

Operating System: Windows 98 or better, Macintosh
Number of Players: individual or group play
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: PC or Mac with Maple Software installed.
Subject Area: Upper division Mathematics, programming, engineering.
Objectives:  Maple V is used worldwide by educators, scientists, engineers researchers, and students in the physical sciences, business management, economics, finance, and engineering. Specific applications include VLSI design, robotics, laser design, mathematics problem setup and brain  research.
Brief Description: Maple V Release 5.1 is a powerful interactive computer algebra system that provides a complete mathematical environment for the  manipulation of symbolic algebraic expressions, arbitrary-precision  numerics, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, and programming.
Entry Capabilities Required: Should have math level of Calculus three or greater.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Maple is great for all the objective above.  It is a great resource for the classroom, office and for a programmer or brain researcher.  Its simulation to the on the job work is great too.
Weak Points: The instructon on how to run the software could be a little more clear.  As I was working on a Lab from professor Madore, I had many questions on how to do that I shouldn't of had.  Directions should be close to cut and dry.
Reviewer:  Anne Marie Moore
Position: undergraduate student- SUNY Potsdam
Date Reviewed: February 21, 2000
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G3 233, 64mb ram.