Title: Mastering Math
Overall Rating:  +C/-C (I gave this software this grade for the effort of taking time out to actually create a software, and also for having so many facts on it).  
Source:  Queue
Playing Time:  It depens on how fast one can work through the problems.  However, it should not take more than thirty minutes a problem.
Date:  1992
Cost: $ http://www.queueinc.com/cgi-bin/q.acgi$StoreSearch($75.00)

Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed:  A pen or a pencil will probably come in handy because you have to remember the previous questions to answer the other ones.  In order words you have a problem per each section and that  one problem is interelated with the other questions they going to ask you later in the exercise.
Subject Area: Junior High mathematic 6-8 grade
Objectives:  Teaching Junior High School students how to understand basics word problems, and how to set them up.  It also teach them how to use fractions
Brief Description: This software is basically deals with word problems and algebra.
Entry Capabilities Required:  These students would have to know how to do additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications and fractions.

Rating: (1-5) 5-good 1-bad and why?
          &nbs p;  Relevance to objectives:  3 it did cover some of the objective but not all.  It only touch some of the basic stuff.
          &nbs p;  Provides practice of relevant skills: 3 The exercises were pretty much on the level of the students that the program is for.  It was right on the target.      
          &nbs p;  Likely to arouse/maintain interest:   1 It was very boring.  It was just an exercise that teachers could use with their lesson plan.  That teache would have to work extra hard to actuallu keep her/his students interest.
          &nbs p;  Likely to be comprehended clearly:  4 The exercise were pretty strainght forward.  It gives feedback on problems that you get wrong and explain how you could of approach it.
          &nbs p;  Technical quality (durable, attractive):   1 I do not know what else to say about the appearances of this software because it did not have any.  It was organize enough to know where you are and where you want to go but that's about it.
          &nbs p;  Game: Winning dependent on player actions (rather than chance):  4 This software is all educational.  It had nothing to laught at or to find funny.  It is all work no play.
          &nbs p;  Simulation: Validity of game model (realistic, accurate depiction):  4:   This game is very real.  You can not get more into reality.                          &n bsp;            &nbs p;
          &nbs p;  Evidence of effectiveness (e.g. field-test results):  4 the only that thought that was good in this software it the fact that it gives the students good exercises and help them outline their process of getting to the answer   
          &nbs p;  Clear directions for play:   3:   this was not a game it was just exercises
          &nbs p;   Effectiveness of debriefing:  4:    It was not the level that I was looking for but it was pretty good for the level of grade that it  was suppose to be for.
Strong Points:  The strongest point in this software is the fact that it has many facts and exercises to do, and also in answering the questions they explain the answers.
Weak Points:  Its was very boring to just sit  there and do exercises.  I thought it needed a little more work on  almost everything.    
Reviewer: Rose C. Amazan
Position:undergrad student potsdam
Date:  09/15/98
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.