Title: Mastering Math
Overall Rating: C-
Source: Queue
Playing Time: Not Applicable (students work on problems until they are done)
Date: 1985
Cost: $ 195.00  http://cd-rom-guide.com/cdprod1/cdhrec/006/196.shtml
Number of Players: one
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: CD-Rom
Subject Area: Math (grades 3-8)
Objectives: To get students to work on math problems in order to select a correct answer.
Brief Description:  Has different topics of math (algebra, fractions, etc) broken up into problems.  Choices for the correct answer are given.
Entry Capabilities Required:Mathematical ability at the students' particular grade level, basic computer literacy (answers are mostly typed in)

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Helps build basic abilities in solving math problems.  The program keeps track of how well you have done.
Weak Points: There is no room for interactive use.  The software is boring and requires pen and paper usage.
Reviewer: Christa Trombley
Position: Undergraduate Math Student
Date: February 15, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.