Title: Mastering Math Version 2.0
Overall Rating: B
Source: Queue: Product information available at http://turboguide.com/data2/cdprod1/doc/cdrom.frame/006/127.pub.Queue.Inc.html
Playing Time:  It ranges from 1-10 minutes per module/section of the game or longer. It all depends on the students current level of mathematical skills
Software Release Date: 1992
Cost: $195.00  http://education.cd-rom-directory.com/cdrom-2.cdprod1/006/127.Mastering.Math.shtml
Operating System:  Macintosh
Number of Players: one
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: The computer has to be a Macintosh with HFS- standard CD-ROM player and appropriate driver software. It requires 1 meg. RAM and System 6.0 or higher.
Subject Area: Mathematics for grades 3-12
Objectives: To provide an interactive learning format with feedback, help, and scoring.
Brief Description:  There are 8 broad topics. Within those eight are many more subtopics that relate to the main topics.
Entry Capabilities Required: Should know 6th grade math

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: The program is well suited for the appropriate age levels. I love the fact that it gives your the percentage you got right and times how long it takes the student to complete the module. The program's questions were relevent to the student's skills. The problems were realistic and were stated clearly. The student should have not problem understanding the questions. This piece of software gets the student to think, and will help the student better their mathematical skills.
Weak Points:  The overall design of the program could have been better. It needs to be more attractive.  A variety of sounds and colors could help this program.  It's boring to me, so I can imagine how it's going to be for a student. The program just drilled the student.  A worksheet could have done what this piece of software does.
Reviewer: Michelle MacDuffie
Position: Student in Educ.410
Date Reviewed: 2/17/00
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G3 233, 64mb ram.