Title:  Math Blaster:  Episode 1-In Search of Spot
Overall Rating: B+
Source: Davidson & Associates, Inc.
Playing Time: There was no specific time but it is required that children do not play the games for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.
Date: 1994
Cost: $  http: //www.best.com/~readit/superkids/search/subject.cgi?terms=Math
Number of Players:  1 player  at a time .  Players sign-in at the beginning of the game.
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: CD-Rom dor windows and CD-Rom  for Macintosh (seperatly)
Subject Area:    Math for ages 6 to 12
Objectives: This game is designed for children to get acquainted with patterns, addition, subtraction, estimation, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents.  The game's intent is to challenge the player, but not discourage.
Brief Description: The evil Trash Alien has captured Blasternaut's pal Spot and brought him to a faraway planet and left the universe covered with garbage.  The players have to go through four activities which help in inhansing mental math and problem solving skills.  Blasternaut is on a mission to find Spot and will do any type of math problem needed to rescue his friend.
Entry Capabilities Required: You can begin at any level you would like.  The player signs themselves in and then chooses the level at which he/she feels comfortable at.  Level 1 is addition through level 6 which is fractions, decimals and percents.  Students must know how to add (at least) prior to playing this game.

Rating: (1-5) :  I rate this game a 4 because of the setting up procedures.  You have to install the program, you can't just put it in and play it which I feel could be a problem for younger children.

Strong Points: See "Effectiveness of debriefing"
Weak Points: You are unable to just pop in the CD-Rom and begin playing.  An adult (or someone who really knows computers) needs to install Math Blaster, which is kind of a turn-off.
Reviewer:  Michele Dabiew
Position: Student
Date: 3/23/99
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.