Title:  Oregon Trail II
Overall Rating:  B
Source:  Software cabinet in Satterlee 300, School of Education, SUNY Potsdam.  More product information at http://www.shopmattel.com/Product.asp?OID=4038431&SC=0120056015
Playing Time:  Games vary, at least an hour
Software Release Date:  1996
Cost: $14.95 http://www.shopmattel.com/Product.asp?OID=4038431&SC=0120056015
Operating System:  Macintosh or Windows
Number of Players:  1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed:  CD-ROM
Subject Area:  Social Studies--American History
Objectives:  To successfully navigate the Oregon Trail to one of several west coast towns by immersing the child into the life on the wagon trail.
Brief Description:  The child heads a wagon train going west, and, through manipulation of supplies, the trail itself, and the weather, crosses the plains to California or Oregon.  Every game is different due to small changes in computer-controlled variables as well as items that the player can change.
Entry Capabilities Required:  Some knowledge of the time period, as well as good math skills.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points:  The game was well designed to realistically portray the westward movement during the 19th century.  Different elements in the game ensure that no two games are exactly alike, insuring that, once familiar with the game, children will want to play again. It teaches about cause and effect, and greatly stimulates critical thinking skills as well as decision making abilities.
Weak Points:  The introduction could have been more clear because when the child starts out it is very confusing as to what she needs and what she doesn't.  The directions are complicated at the beginning, even though simply playing the game is easy.
Reviewer:  Amanda Ciampolillo
Position:  Student in EDUC 410
Date Reviewed:  February 22, 2000
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh G3 233, 64mb ram.