Title: Prime Suspect Reading Adventure
Overall Rating: A-
Source: Multi Dimensional Communications, Inc.
Playing Time: Varied depending on player, no set time limit
Date: 1994
Cost: $
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Hard Disk Installation, 2 MB RAM for System 6.0.7+ or 4MB RAM System 7.0+
Subject Area: Reading
Objectives: To develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills
Brief Description: Three mysteries to solve resembling the game Clue.  Player selects case, reads description of suspects, searches rooms for clues, takes pictures of evidence and interviews suspects to solve the crime.
Entry Capabilities Required: Minimum Third Grade Reading level

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Fun, Interesting, Great for building self-esteem
Weak Points: There were three different games but only one degree of difficulty.  At least one game should target a lower reading level
Reviewer: Kathy Reno
Position: Student
Date: 6/14/98
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.
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