Title: Reader Rabbit's Kindergarten
Overall Rating: A
Source: The Learning Company  http://store.learningco.com 
Playing Time: Variable: individual rounds as short as five minutes with total playing sessions ranging twenty minutes and up
Date: 1997
Cost: $19.95
Number of Players: One
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Macintosh Computer equipped with CD rom, keyboard, mouse
Subject Area: Addresses the specific developmental needs of a kindergartner, ages four to six, including: reading, counting, and socialization skills.
Objectives: A student will: develop skills necessary for school (sharing, cooperation, following directions in sequential order); further their reading ability; promote various mathematical skills levels (counting, number strategies, classify according to attributes, time telling, early reasoning skills, and spatial activities);  and develop an understanding of the four seasons.
Brief Description: The animated characters, Reader Rabbit and Mat the Mouse, work together through a series of activities to save a campfire celebration at Camp Happy Trails.
Entry Capabilities Required: Number and Letter Recognition, ability to type name, as well as being capable of using a computer mouse

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points:  The five major activities have increasingly complex skill levels.  The activities are very relevant to the types of experiences a kindergartner is likely to encounter.  The animated characters, the music, and range of activities provide the appropriate level of stimulation for a child's development, both intellectually and socially.  A parent/teacher handbook is provided along with the CD, which includes extension activities beyond using the computer.
Weak Points:  The player is given many opportunities to complete an activity, making it difficult for a parent or teacher to review the child's performance to determine their strong and weak areas.  The main "camp" theme  and choice of activity may become uninteresting after several rounds of play.
Reviewer: Megan Narenkivicius
Position: MST Graduate Student
Date: March 24, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on:  Power Mac G3 233, 64 megabytes of RAM