Title:   Reader Rabbit's Math 1
Overall Rating:   B+/A-
Source:   The Learning Company
Playing Time:  30 minutes
Date:   1997
Cost: $ 29.95 http://store.learningco.com/dev/xt_searchquery.asp?fid= 0&ref_id=&mscssid=ATS1QUVT9PS12PPL00L1R06N977007LU
Number of Players:  1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed:  NA
Subject Area:  Elementary Math (ages 4-7)
Objectives:  To develop and/or strengthen mathematical skills such as counting, number recognition, and basic adding and subtracting.
Brief Description:   Player will choose from 4 different games at the circus where they will either count, match amounts with the  correct number, and add and/or subtract.  Each time the player finishes a game, without error, they will receive a ticket where they can later purchase prizes from the prize booth.
Entry Capabilities Required:   Player needs to know how to use a mouse and may have to know numbers 0-10.

Rating: (1-5)  5-Good  1-Bad

Strong Points:  This software is very attractive and really does develop mathematical skills in younger children.  The math problems are both visually and orally available.  I was very impressed on how mistakes were brought to the player's attention.  It is very important that they are correct as soon as they are made so the student can learn why it is a mistake.  I was also impressed that the student could not just continue with the game, but had to start over after the mistake had been corrected.  This repetition really allows the student to practice their weaker skills.  The prize booth is very reinforcing and gives the student a sense of accomplishment.
Weak Points:   The overall performance of the player did not seem to be available.  It would be nice to see the player's score broken down so the strong and weak skills could be recognized.  This would be very important for a teacher.  It wool also be beneficial for the software to have more of a variety of game.  Four is not a lot to choose from.
Reviewer:  Jill Haggett
Position:   Undergraduate (elementary education and psychology)
Date:   19 September 1998
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.