Title:  Reader Rabbit's Preschool
Overall Rating:  A
Source:  The Learning Company
Playing Time:  Recommended use time is twenty minutes;  to complete a "Carnival" may take a few hours.
Date:  3-29-1999
Cost:  To purchase call TLC at 800-685-6322 or fax to 617-761-1348
Number of Players:  One per computer
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed:  CD-ROM (2X), 486 or higher processor, 10mb hard disk, 16mb RAM, 256 monitor, mouse, and windows 3.1 or higher.
Subject Area:  Skills:  Letter Names and Sounds, Numbers and Counting, Matching, Simple Arithmetic, Shapes and Colors, Memory Skills, Patterns and Classification, Noticing Differences, Logic and Prediction, Listening Skills, Vocabulary Building, and Creativity.
Objectives:  By playing games and exploring options, children improve visual and auditory perception; visual and auditory memory; motor, language, number, and scientific thinking skills, and the ability to concentrate and pay attention.
Brief Description:  Child preparation for school in multiple areas through five structured games and five open-ended play-and-learn activities.  The format is a carnival.
Entry Capabilities Required:   Ability to use a mouse.  Familiarity with shapes, numbers, adding, subtraction, letters and words, colors and patterns.

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points:  The strength of this software comes from its handbook and ideas for parents and teachers.  I liked the ability to track and print the players scores and creative work.  The incorporation of Dr. Dennison's work is very applicable for learners of all ages.     
Weak Points:  The weakness lies in the reliance of parents to back up the child's learning.  There must be a way to insert some debriefing within the program.  Another weakness is that players may use software for extended periods of time (one hour or longer) which is not recommended for preschool age children.
Reviewer:  Mary Wells
Position:  Graduate Student
Date:  3-29-1999
Computer System Reviewed on:  Power Macintosh G3, 233, 64 mb RAM