Title: Reading Blaster  Grades 4-6: Mystery Mode (New or saved Mystery)  and Explore Mode (Levels 1-3)
Overall Rating: At
Source: http://www.blasternaut.com/
Playing Time: No set limit, playing is varied depending on player's skill level and attention span. There are 3 levels of difficulty which prepares students for standardized tests.
Date: 1997  Davidson  & Associates, Inc.
Cost: $ 14.95 h ttps://store.knowledgeadventure.com/ObjectBuilder/ObjectBuilder.iwx?ProcessName= SectionPageKnowledge&Merchant_ID=1&pcount=0&Catalog_ID=2&Section _ID=14
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: 486/66 MHz IBM-compatible computer with 16 MB of RAM, Windows 3.1xWindows95, Double-Speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color SVGA video card, Windows compatible sound card, Power Mac, System 7.1 or higher, 256 colors with 14" monitor, 16 MB RAM, Double-Speed CD-ROM drive, and Printer (optional)
Subject Area: Reading, comprehension, parts of speech, grammar, sequencing and ordering.
Objectives: Children will learn more on reading comprehension, parts of speech, grammar while they are playing a game and not realizing that they are learning at the same time.
Brief Description: This software is for Grades 4-6. This program is designed to incorporate grades 4-6 reading comprehension. The object of this software is to find the six most prominent residents of the town of Bizzarroville that have suddenly disappeared! They were last seen entering the mansion of the notorious Dr. Dabble. It's up to you- and our hero, Rave- to find out what happened to them and bring them back home. You have to find there personal belongings that they left behind when they disappeared. They are in word traps all around his house. When you find the evidence and the hidden clues, find Dr. Dabble's secret lab and invention to rescue the missing people.
Entry Capabilities Required: Reading, basic grammar skills, and comprehension

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: The graphics, animation, visual, sound, and color. It maintains interest of students to want to keep playing.
Weak Points: Some of the vocabulary words are a little difficult but not to many. Over all this game was very fun and exciting. Excellent software.
Reviewer: Amy Jones
Position: Graduate Student
Date: 6/7/99
Computer System Reviewed on: 486 IBM Compatible, Pentium, 32.0 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive.