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Title: Small Blue Planet The Real Picture Atlas
Overall Rating: A
Source: Now What Sortware
Playing Time: Unlimited
Date:  1993
Cost: 32.00$
Number of Players: Unlimited
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: 256 Color macintosh with System 6.05 or higher, 4 MB Ram, CD ROM Drive
Subject Area: Geography, Social Studies
Objectives: To expose user to many different forms of geographic interactive mediums.
Brief Description: Small Blue Planet lets the user explore six different geographic mediums. The choices range from Global relief maps, to galleries of sattellite images Of the earth. The user can explore tyhese different geographic mediums at there own pace. The user can also Magnify images, find Latitude and Longitude coordinates and find written infomation on the area magnified.
Entry Capabilities Required: This program can be run and explored by students with basic computer knowledge. The instructional brocure contains most information needed to understand the software. 

Rating: (1-5)

       Relevance to objectives: 5 (program gives user many mediums to explore geography)
       Provides practice of relevant skills: 3
       Likely to arouse/maintain interest:5(Intyense colors and images along with many alternitives will keep user both aroused and prolong possible usage.
       Likely to be comprehended clearly:4
       Technical quality (durable, attractive): 5(excellent state of the art graphics as well as images make this a very attractive program)
       Game: Winning dependent on player actions (rather than chance): (exploritory only)
       Simulation: Validity of game model (realistic, accurate depiction): (exploritory only)
       Evidence of effectiveness (e.g. field-test results):
       Clear directions for play:5
       Effectiveness of debriefing:

Strong Points:Intense images as well as medium alternitives provides user with many options and will maintain interests. The control panel is also very useful with its magnification capibilities and readout button. Overall the software is excellent and will bennifit Social Studies classrooms.
Weak Points: no weak points visible
Reviewer: Erin P McCarten
Position: Student
Date: 9/21/98
Computer System Reviewed on: Macintosh PowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.