Title: TV commercials Vol.2: the 60's
& 70's
Overall Rating: A
Source: CD Titles 
Playing Time: Up to 2 hours, depending on how
many times you want to view the commercials.
Date: 1995,1996
Cost: $ Was unable to locate.
Number of Players: One person can control the
keyboard while four or five others watch.
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: Windows
95, Windows 3.1, Macintosh
Subject Area: History of U.S. culture Jr. High
and up
Objectives: To see what people were like in
the 60's & 70's through TV commercials.
Brief Description: There are 40- 50
commercials that you can view, selling everything from toothpaste to
cigarettes. The way commercials were filmed is much different than today.
Entry Capabilities Required: Need to know some
basic U.S. History in the 60's & 70's. Must know how to use the Windows
System or macintosh.

Rating: (1-5)

     Relevance to
objectives: 4- You can see what was important to people back then.
You can also see what clothing they wore and what products they used.
     Provides practice of
relevant skills: 4- You can reinforce your knowledge of those
decades by learning something interesting about people back then. 
     Likely to arouse/maintain
interest: 5- This is a very interesting video. Most people like TV
and it is amusing to see what people were like then.
     Likely to be comprehended
clearly: 5- Very easy to understand. You see and hear the commercial
just like the original.
     Technical quality (durable,
attractive): 5- Technical Quality is good. You can see and hear the
picture very clearly. 
     Game: Winning dependent on
player actions (rather than chance): N/A
     Simulation: Validity of game
model (realistic, accurate depiction): 5- The commercials are very
realistic. Played just like they were originally.
     Evidence of effectiveness
(e.g. field-test results): Could find no field test results.
     Clear directions for
play: 5- Very easy. Someone with very little computer skills could
view the commercials.
     Effectiveness of
debriefing: N/A

Strong Points: The commercials are very
informative into what life was like back then. There is a broad range of
products being sold. You can see through the commercials what was important
to them and the roles that women and men played in society.
Weak Points: The only weak point I can see is
maybe some negative influence, particularly the cigarette commercials, on
the younger grades.
Reviewer: Valerie Haas
Position: Grad. Student Suny Potsdam
Date: March 19, 1999
Computer System Reviewed on: PowerMac G3 233,
64mb ram.