Title: Weathertracker 2.3.3
Overall Rating: C
Source: http://www.download.com/mac/software/0,332,0-18602-g,1000.html?st.dl.mcat10.hl. g1860
Playing Time: 0-2 hours
Date: May 20, 1999
Cost: $22.95 http://www.download.com/mac/software/0,332,0-18602-g,1000.html?st.dl.mcat10.hl. g1860
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: System 7, Mac TCP
Subject Area: Social Studies
Objectives: Provides many meteorologic tools that measure whether characteristics such as a barometer, wind gage and of course thermometer. Idea is to teach the student how to gain information about their environment. They achieve this, as students will find it both valuable and user friendly. Menu is very interactive and allows user to browse through different areas in a easy and non-threatening manner. Allows students to learn how to gather information in a quick, efficient way. Very interactive and a very good program for novice computer users.
Brief Description: Shows what weather  is like in 1500 cities around the world. It also provides forecasts and other weather features at the click of a button. All of this information is up to date and sometimes even to the minute. Interaction and ease to use are main features.
Entry Capabilities Required: Entry Capabilities & Computer Literacy

Rating: (1-5)

Strong Points: Information Gathering Techniques, Interaction & Up to the Minute Information. Being able to find out up to the minute weather information is a very attractive feature & one that will interest students strongly. The forecasts for all regions of the world is something that should strike all students more locally as they can find out their own local weather.
Weak Points: Very bland layout and limited options. This program has only so many options as if it wonders into sub areas it will either loose appeal or present useless information. I feel due to the subject content, this program is better off staying with the limited options it has.
Reviewer: Randy Givogue
Position: Student
Date: 6/7/99
Computer System Reviewed on: G3 233, 64 MB Ram